chicken fixation

Two chickens for the price of one. How could I resist? But that, of course, means I will be eating chicken, chicken, and more chicken, for the next few days. Jolly good thing I love chicken!

There are many things one can do with chicken. But one can get physically and mentally tired doing too many things in a small tiny kitchen with a big black dog sprawled across most of the floor space – it’s like a juggling act! I love cooking, but this adventure quite exhausted me, though ever the Aspie, I persevered, egged on by a sort of obsessive drive.

Anyway… I only managed a few variations.

Traditional soy sauce chicken drumsticks and wings.

Chicken breasts and drumsticks marinated with Hainanese Chicken Rice marinade and baked with garlic and carrots.

Chicken soup stock – from carcass.

Chicken sauté with tomato paste and garlic.

It’s all now neatly packed and stashed away in fridge and freezer, ready to be worked through systematically.

Last night, I had noodles with Chinese kale and chicken sauté.

Lunch today was baked chicken, carrots and home made bread.

Plenty more to come!


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