deep blue

I am not usually a fan of blue. Some shades and hues of blue make me feel ill, even though I don’t think I am synaesthete. Apart from denim jeans, I seldom ever wear blues. However, I do love gazing at the blues of the sky, and the reflected blues in water thrill me. I am also strangely very drawn, on the other extreme, to strong, unusual tones and mixes. Cobalt is one that fascinates me.

I found this while lurking around on the internet. They are called Blue Velvet Cupcakes, from the blog, One Particular Kitchen.

I am most captivated!

Right, we know it is a cupcake. And a cupcake is, well, a cupcake. Not much variation there, is there? However, this one is strikingly ‘different’ because of the deep, mysterious, cobalt colour. This colour is not usually associated with food. It is more associated with poison, in my mind, than food. Yet, I am inexorably drawn to this photograph of a deep cobalt cupcake. Why? I am not sure yet. What do your senses tell you about this photo? How do you anticipate it to taste?

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