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My beautiful, big-hearted baby sister and her valiant, generous hubby, and my most loyal and supportive friend YS – thank you for helping me eat better, look beyond my feet, reach out, live my dreams and keep on keeping on, knowing always that I am loved.

My canine angel, Lucy Like a Charm, who shares this wonderful journey.

A Greyhound in My Wheelbarrow


Greyhound racing banned in NSW, Australia today!

Four years ago, when Lucy came into my life, I had no idea we would have such amazing adventures and even witness many historical makings.

Today, in the wee hours of the morning, after a lengthy debate in parliament, Greyhound racing was banned in NSW. It is historic indeed, and what a huge fight it was too! I am, of course, celebrating this event. Continue reading

sad nosh

Sad nosh. Uninspired hunger. Cyclical despair. Stultified stillness. Desperate isolation – PLEASE do not disturb! Just go away! Trashing, kicking, screaming silence. Jumping from hot sizzling oil into seething heaving bog. Deprivation and excess in twisted pas de deux. Scraping with broken coin. Tunnelling for salvation. Down, down, down.

How low can you go? Is there a bottom anywhere?




Property of Dawn-joy Leong. Please do not reuse without prior permission.

Polychromatic contrapuntal arguments. Sensorial dislocations. Burning, searing. Ardent craving for clement space, entrapped within roaring cacophony of inclemency.

Inconvenient gastronomy. Awkward juxtaposing.

Cause for celebration, wrapped in tough leathery cackling mockery.

Who says you can’t have everything?

It does seem as if Everything has wriggled, encroached, bombarded and exploded inside fragile capsule of discombobulation.

Except for one anchor of melismatic grace. Warm-bodied softness, long, elegant canine face. This creature knows a wordless confirmation of Beingness, emanating quiet strength to persist in resilient hope.


Property of Dawn-joy Leong. Please do not reuse without prior permission.


They say it sometimes takes awhile for trauma sufferers to recount a particularly confronting event. In the grand cosmic struggle of life, perhaps this tiny little bubble of hideous dread may not measure up against the more solemn travails. However, it was a kind of ‘home-coming’ that needed time and space to communicate in intelligible wordedness. Here, it’s worth a feeble attempt anyway.

Welcome back to Sensory Perdition. New and improved version… Yes, indeed, a worse state than before. This is the looming shadow of fear. Five lovely days away, cocooned inside tranquil cleanliness, yet unable to erase the horror, the anticipation of sensory agony, awaiting upon return to reality. Continue reading

catch up


Yum Cha for Two?

Friends and friendships are important. Contrary to popular misconception, autistic persons do not hide inside our own worlds as some kind of stubborn, deliberate contrariness, antagonsing the ‘normal’ world with our reluctance to connect. Autists merely have different connectivity pathways, and thresholds for interactivity modes that are not intrinsically native to our distinct functionality. Continue reading


Lucy teaches me forbearance. Underneath soft, gentle, wordless eloquence, there is a strength of tolerant composure, like a determined, relentless spring, flowing inexorable. How much or little cognisant she may be about the goings on of my humanity? Her demeanour remains steadfast in graceful and gracious equanimity. Upon what is based such sangfroid? I have little intellectual grasp, despite musing endlessly upon this pulchritude.

No matter where I go with her. She remains Lucy Like-a-Charm.

Rushing to an appointment at the UNSW Galleries. In our Uber ride, she lies beside me all the way. At the cafe, a hurried lunch. Lucy waits on her rug, her eyes focused on me, despite the busy feet walking back and forth around her. The cafe owner, wonderful kind Massimo, offers us a quieter space, but I am in a hurry, so I decline. I’ll just gobble down my food pronto! When I have finished, her eyes tell me she is ready and waiting. How is this so? Continue reading

clement space by Sparrowrose


“in me and i in you” (photo by Dawn-joy Leong – please do not reuse without permission)

I am honoured to present this very beautiful guest piece by Sparrowrose, musing on my theme of “Clement Space.” Thank you, Sparrowrose. Here is Sparrowrose’s gig spot, where you may commission writing: sparrowrose@fiverr

Clement Space

guest piece by Sparrowrose.


Assume a kind world where everything you need is everywhere you go.” – Patti Digh


Endogenous space. Contracting to the single point within. Free-fall to the center where infinite smallness expands, hidden in the waistcoat of antimatter.


Exogenous space. Expanding to an infinite perimeter encompassing nothing. Drift, gravity-free to the periphery where infinite grandeur contracts, hidden in plain sight.


In clement space, the kindness of strangers wrings a glissando of vowels, a song of comfort murmured close to the ear, breath in the hair. Everything will be all right. Continue reading

dreaming pulchritude

(Please do not reuse my photographs without seeking prior permission, thank you!)

What manner of beauty is this, unearthly yet rooted, entrenched, within raw, primitive sentience? Dreaming pulchritude. Lucy Like-a-Charm.