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My beautiful, big-hearted baby sister and her valiant, generous hubby, and my most loyal and supportive friend YS – thank you for helping me eat better, look beyond my feet, reach out, live my dreams and keep on keeping on, knowing always that I am loved.

My canine angel, Lucy Like a Charm, who shares this wonderful journey.

my ear on Lucy


One minute sample of the five hour soundscape, “Sonorous Repose – my ear on Lucy.”

Originally posted on Scheherazade's Sea:

A busy day of meetings and planning and running around today.

Here is a one minute sample of the five hour soundscape, “Sonorous Repose – my ear on Lucy,” which will feature in the Sonata in Z space. You will hear this best if you crawl into the cocoon or sit inside the cave.

Click on photo or this link here.

Sonorous Repose

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Who Do I Speak For? – Autistics Speaking Day 2015


Fever. Autoimmune and sensory flare ups. Pain. A lot of it. A few days left to the exhibition set up. The show must and shall go on! I have no strength to speak more, need to channel last drops of energy towards my mission, i.e. my PhD exhibition. I shall let this wonderful post speak for me. Thank you for speaking!

Originally posted on Unstrange Mind:

Autistics Speaking Day LogoIt’s the first of November again and that means it’s Autistics Speaking Day. Autistics Speaking Day has been happening every year since 2010, steadily gaining attention and this year I heard a criticism leveled at the annual event.

A parent of an Autistic child declared that the event is mis-named and should be called “Autistics Speaking for Themselves Day” because she wanted to make it clear that those of us who are able to write about our Autistic lives and experiences are not like her child. She presumes that her child will not grow up to be someone who can write about their life and apparently presumes that none of us were ever like her child when we were very young, too.

I’ve written before about the insult and injury of assuming that adults with various competencies are not in any way similar to children still learning basic skills. Today…

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scrambled eggs

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My brain feels like badly scrambled eggs. You know the kind where the fire is too hot, and the eggs become a jumbled mash of squidgy hardened blobs, not at all light and fluffy? Well, yep. That is how it feels like now.

So, what does the foodie Bunny eat when frantically rushing against the madly ticking clock? Ever the determined foodie, I am valiantly trying to feed myself as decently as possible. Of course, having spent all my money on the exhibition, the fare is less than luxurious.

Have fun with the food pictures. There is humour somewhere, though I am not sure I can manage anything more than a strangled gurgle for a laugh. Oh, and yeah, I threw in the photo of my swollen fingers for good measure.

Tally ho and on with the show!

Sonata in Z

Slogging away and frantically scrambling to get everything ready! One more week to go and it’s on with the show. If you are in Sydney, do drop by and say hello.
Sonata in Z announcement

Dawn-joy Leong and Lucy present

Sonata in Z

10-14 November 2015 | 10am-5pm

Nick Waterlow Gallery, UNSW Galleries

UNSW Art & Design, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

An autistic human,

A greyhound dog.

Parallel Embodiments,

A journey of Being.

Endeavour of Empathy,

Spaces of Mind.

Sonorous communion,

Wordless interlocuations.

Enter breafoot,

Scheherazade’s Sea:



Inside dreams.

Sonata in Z is a ‘gentle space’, inspired by my autistic hyper sensory quest for sanctuary, and my Greyhound Lucy’s natural ability to seek out and create oases of comfort. Unfolding like a musical sonata, visual images of Lucy in sonorous repose introduce the theme of rest. Please leave your shoes at the threshold as you enter, symbolically shedding conventional notions of social communication. Once inside, we shall not speak in words, but the tranquility is neither silent nor empty, because our senses will lead the way into a different social ecosystem of softly undulating rhythms, patterns, sounds, movements, gestures, textures, smells, tastes and visual conversations. This is our refuge, an alternative empathic resonance, a nonverbal sensory equilibrium – and Lucy and I would like to share our clement space with you.

Check out Lucy’s photos and read the full description here!

haptic pyjamas

“Haptic pyjamas!” has been bouncing in my mindscape with sonic, rhythmic, and visual vim and vigour, refusing to make a quiet exit. I am not sure why, but I have a strong suspicion it has to do with this latest piece of work and its nocturnal unfolding.

Two fluffy 60x60cm cushion covers, a vegetarian dinner of stir fried flat rice noodles and red capsicum and a gentle evening doggy-walk later, I decided to embark on reworking the Haptic HugShrug. It was already 10pm when I began. Lucy was snoozing in her favourit fluffy rug, occasionally opening an eye to check on me, and interjecting the quiet night air with a huff and groan every now and then. She does not like it when I stay up late. Her bedtime hour is 8pm, and I usually crawl into bed with her, working on my laptop until she shoves my laptop off the bed at around 10pm. Our routine has been very much upset lately, of course. I managed to complete it at 12am, by which time I was nauseous and dizzy, but feeling rather chuffed.

The Haptic HugShrug was first created in 2012, as part of the Haptic Interface event in Hong Kong. It is inspired by the concept of deep pressure stimulation as a calming therapy. It is made from Woolmark Merino wool top, but instead of crochet, this version (#3) is arm knitted, giving it a looser weave and more floppy movement than the former two versions.

Dimensions approx 110x70x4cm.

Available for sale as part of the installation catalogue, 100% of proceeds will go to mindDog Australia. Reservations and all enquiries welcome. Please message me at

Not In Love With Julia


A very well articulated and balanced review of the ‘sensational’ new character in Sesame Street. Thank you! And yes, I am autistic; no, I do not ‘have autism’!

Originally posted on The E is for Erin:

Everyone might be tired of hearing about Sesame Street’s new autistic muppet by the time I post this, but before I wrote up a full review I had to make my way through all of the materials at the “Sesame Street and Autism” site. I watched all of the videos, either when the kids weren’t around or with headphones while they were otherwise occupied, because I wanted to screen them first before I let them view of it – and, yes, it is weird to have to screen Sesame Street, of all things, for harmful messaging, but such is the state of the mainstream dialogue on autism that I knew there were likely to be some things I would not want my kids to see or hear. And there were.

What is Sesame Street and Autism?

First, a brief explanation of what Sesame Street and Autism is and isn’t. There’s been…

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Shifting the Elephant.


I have been thinking of this, amidst the churning chaos in the lead up to my exhibition (two weeks to go!) But no words. Thank you again, Sonia. Buried under a deluge and gasping for air, robbed of ability to respond in coherent language, just feeling utterly spent and diminished, reading this not only accords intelligible semantics to my thoughts, but offers a measure of replenishing strength to my multidimensional devastation.

Originally posted on The other side:


This detail from one of my recent paintings seems appropriate to the current state of play on the #BullyPerk article published by Autism Daily Newscast. Impasse. 

This blog post follows on from Bully for You: It’s Five Against One, and I Can’t Have Conversations With You. Here I document my thoughts and feelings on the Autism Daily Newscast decision not to take the #BullyPerk article down.

Things got mighty heavy recently here on, The Other Side. My first foray into activism with my community (autistic friends and allies) proved tough. Trying to get the infamous #BullyPerk article down, proved extremely frustrating and an insight into just how tangled the knots of discord are among the wider community of interests in autism.

The inflammatory title was eventually rescinded, and what some have termed the non-pology was duly issued by ADN founder and editor Roberta Hill, after a 4-5 day…

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