This blog is dedicated to the three most special people in my life:

my beautiful, big-hearted baby sister and her valiant, generous hubby, and my most loyal and supportive friend YS – thank you for helping me eat better, look beyond my feet, reach out, live my dreams and keep on keeping on, knowing always that I am loved!

empathic simulations


Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast

Baked beans and sunny-side up egg for breakfast today. I am trying out an old drug that I once reacted badly to, more than thirty years ago, and I needed a more robust breakfast instead of just a small bowl of rice bubbles. The dosage this time around is one third of what I was given before, and I am now almost 10kg heavier too, so I hope I will be fine and this might just be a palliative answer to one of the many issues I am battling physically. Continue reading

belly good!

It was quite a large chunk of pork belly that I roasted. A whole 1kg of it. That means, of course, a few more meals of the same, with minute variations of course.

Yesterday, I had the last bit of rice with a generous helping of the roast, with fresh chopped tomato and a bit of onion for added zest. Today, I was thinking about a very good friend from my undergrad days, and I cooked a packet of instant noodles for a bit of nostalgic reference to the days of yore when us poor undergrads lived on cheap “Doll” brand instant noodles in Hong Kong. Was that more than thirty years ago already? In a recent email conversation, she mentioned how my foodie adventures have become more sophisticated in presentation, compared to the old days when we were tucking into the cheap and nasty noodles in haphazard fashion. How time flies by. Continue reading


I think winter has arrived. Well, we are lucky here in Sydney, the winters thus far have been mild. The baby girl needed her pyjamas last night. I really should sew her two new sets for this year, the old ones are looking a tad tired. The temperatures have dipped, and the coconut oil with lavender essence has solidified. I do prefer it this way, then I can use it like a cream, rather than dipping my fingers into liquid. I apply this every other night to Lucy’s paw pads. Yes, I am a little paranoid about her developing corns, which seems to plague Greyhounds in particular (apart from humans and horses). I also use the mixture on myself, it’s great for healing the skin reactions I get from insect bites.

Balm. We need healing balm in so many ways and different areas of our lives, don’t we?  Continue reading



While waiting for my roast pork to cook, I read this interesting post today, “Why We Fear Passion,” featured on The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

One of the passages that reached out to ‘grab’ me was this:

How is it that my son — who delights in finding corners of the universe invisible to the rest of us, and who can literally hear what is scientifically defined as silence — how is it that he is diagnosed with an “inability to connect with the world”? Isn’t he connecting in ways that the rest of us, being so disconnected, don’t even understand?

Indeed. I have recently been grappling with a few similar trajectories. Connection. Connectedness. Communication. Reciprocity. And the ‘Us vs. Them’ conundrum. Continue reading


Determined Breakfast

Determined Breakfast

What does Uncle Toby oat flakes cereal have to do with persistence and determination? A lot. It is a concrete reflection of the kind of steely-willed purposefulness that is often evident in people struggling with pain and learning to survive regardless. Most days, the pain is so severe, it takes dogged courage to force the swollen jaw open enough for even a teaspoon to slide through, and even more to start chewing down on whatever I’ve managed to shove through. Cereal is particularly difficult, and muesli is almost impossible. OK, but I am a Bunny-on-a-Budget, the oat flakes were a freebie from Coles, I was determined to try it. I did. I soaked the stuff in soya milk, of course, to soften it, but not so much that it turned into goop.  Continue reading

vade mecum

No. Not a book. Not a jewel. More precious. It’s Lucy. She goes with me. Almost everywhere. By my side. I am learning to rely on her more for some kinds of information, subtle sensory wisdom. Tactile comfort too – remember all those articles about how beneficial touch therapy is for stress relief? It’s true. As well as proprioceptive equilibrium these days. Continue reading



So, my friend Rick brought two nicely packed ziplock bags of beef today. One was marinaded in Thai fish sauce, super salty and super yummy. The other was an ‘extra’ – a slice of steak to stash in the freezer for later. Good ol’ Rick.

Lucy likes Rick. She has good taste. :)

I stir fried the salty beef with chopped tomato, sliced shallot and garlic. We had it with rice. I like my little balcony, and the weather was perfect for bruncheon outside.

Another clement one. More rambling BunnyTalk, some even almost approaching intelligent babble! Well, Rick does get to say some things too. It’s not all that unfair then.

This is turning out to be a good long weekend indeed!


Taking the long weekend off from intellectual pursuits to just relax. And engage in repetitive menial tasks. Like cleaning and tidying. Fortunately, it’s a small studio flat. Unfortunately, it being such a small studio flat, I have no space to put things away neatly. I have been sleeping with a pumpkin and rice cooker on one side and my angel Lucy on the other. The pumpkin and rice cooker really badly needed to go somewhere else. Yesterday, I finally swept, vacuumed and wiped the floor, cleaned the rugs and rearranged the mess such that the pumpkin could go up on the shelf and the rice cooker on top of the ovenette. For now. Perhaps I should just cook the pumpkin?

more fish


Dinner last night featured more of that smoked salmon – of course, what else? Routine, repetition with just a little variation do make for comfortable patterns. We all love some semblance of habitual procedure, but Aspies tend to need this more. Some scientist have attributed this trait to our detail-focused cognition and of course, I do think there is the sensory dimension at play too. I mean, if one formula works well, and the senses are not going crazy, why not stick to it? I am musing on this blog post, “Do Not Disturb My Circles,” by one of my favourite bloggers, Alex.

Change is difficult for us. Even when we have initiated the purpose behind the change. Continue reading